Tuesday, January 17, 2012

D'Addario and Aquila Team Up For Ukulele Strings


The NAMM Show Anaheim, CA January 19-22, 2012Booth# 4834 – D’Addario proudly announces its new Nyltech and Titanium Ukulele Strings available in January 2012.

D’Addario and Aquila Strings are thrilled to announce their exciting new string development partnership, which created the Nyltech Ukulele Strings. Nyltech is made with D’Addario exclusive string material that offers a warm, yet punchy, gut-like tone.

The Nyltech Strings are available for most popular Ukulele sizes and tunings such as the Soprano (EJ88S), retailing at $11.10, Concert (EJ88C), also retailing for $11.10, Tenor (EJ88T), with a retail price of $12.55 and Baritone (EJ88B), which will retail for $13.90.

“Our new Nyltech Ukulele Strings are a contemporary take on a traditional sound with improved intonation verses other ukulele strings on the market,” says Brian Vance, Director of Product Management.

D’Addario is also releasing new Titanium Ukulele Strings. Titanium strings have recently been popular with classical guitarists for their bright, projecting tone and ultra-smooth feel. Now ukulele players can increase their volume, clarity and dynamics with Titanium Ukulele Strings. The dense monofilament material with translucent purple hue and smooth feel is similar to traditional nylon. The strings are available for most popular ukulele sizes and tunings such as the Soprano (EJ87S), retailing for $8.20, Concert (EJ87C), also retailing for $8.20, Tenor (EJ87T), to retail for $8.65 and Baritone (EJ87B), with a retail price of $9.85.

“We are excited to create Titanium strings that give a bright tone and smooth feel exclusively for Ukelele players,” adds Vance.

For more information on D’Addario, please visit www.daddario.com.

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