Wednesday, December 14, 2011

A (True) Cautionary Tale

The Scene: A Los Angeles recording studio

The Players: First-call session musicians and a Rock Legend on vocals

The Plot: Studio band is assembled, tuned up and ready to go. They begin the first take of the song and have to stop, as strange noises are coming from the rhythm guitar player's rig. Everyone scrambles to get it fixed, as Rock Legend waits at the mic. Famous, name-brand cables are patched and re-patched and wiggled and the noise goes away...only to return the next take.

Lead guitarist has seen the video posted below, and notices the famous high-end cable the rhythm guitarist is using, puts on his Guitar Tech hat...and takes apart the input jack on the rhythm guy's Strat. He bends the stretched-out contact back in shape, and the session continues. During a break, the bass player notes that he stopped using that brand of cable after having to replace his input jack. The keyboard player says that he had to replace two jacks in his keyboard, a much more complicated procedure, due to this popular brand of cable stretching his input jacks out.

Scary cable. Very scary.

The Moral:  There's nothing to fear from Planet Waves American Stage cables.

Check out the video and learn what that lead player knows:

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