Tuesday, August 11, 2009

The PW-CT-10 Headstock Tuner Live Onstage With Keith Urban

Hey Everyone-

This is Tom with Planet Waves Artist Relations checking in while I'm on the road with Keith Urban. One of the great perks of working for Planet Waves is getting to try their products in many different scenarios. On stage in a club, in the studio, offstage in an arena, on a tour bus, wherever a guitar needs tuning.

I shot this short video at a recent Keith Urban concert, with the noisy crowd and blaring P.A. in the background to prove a point. The Planet Waves Headstock Tuner works under fire, no matter what the ambient noise around you might be. By reading the vibrations transmitted through the headstock, and not relying on a pickup reading an audible string pluck, you can tune a sensitive instrument like a banjo with no problems. I put a Headstock Tuner on every guitar, banjo and mandolin that goes on stage. Check it out!