Wednesday, July 14, 2010


Planet Waves has a great new suite of iPhone apps called Guitar Tools. Let's take a closer look:


Guitar Tools includes a complete chord dictionary with over 7,000 voicings. Simply select the chord you want, and use the touch screen to strum it. Great for writing songs on the go.

Chord Finder

You put your fingers into some neat configuration, you love how it sounds...but what should you call it? Guitar Tools allows you to select the string and fret position and then gives you the proper name of the chord.


Thousands of scales, modes, arpeggios in multiple fingerings. You can even re-tune the virtual guitar and get scales for DADGAD, Open G or any other tuning you can dream up.


Choose analog needle or digital strobe readout to keep your instrument in tune.


Get into the groove by tapping the tempo on the touchscreen and choosing from multiple sounds and time signatures.


Using the "Teachers Near Me" function, Guitar Tools can find a local instructor no matter where you are. Grab a lesson while on vacation!


A database of music stores to help you find out where to make your next gear purchase. Great for Road Managers and Guitar Techs.

Check out all of the Planet Waves iPhone apps here.

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  1. The Pro-Winder package says "Includes Bridge Pin puller", which is one of the reasons I got it. No only is there nothing on the device that looks capable of pulling bridge pins, there's not a word about that function on the D'Addario website, except instructional video says "pins usually pull out easily". Is it me? Does anyone out there know how to pull bridge pins with a Pro-Winder?